How to Design a Travel & Tourism Website

To learn about the Strategic Website Marketing methods, tips, tactics, techniques, useful information on powerful advertising, most effective promotional tips, resources, training courses by expert marketers, spam free e-mail marketing lists, e-zines, articles, press releases, and much more will help you grow your business fast.

The first thing to start to promote your business is to have a Website. If your Website was designed professionally, and attractively as well, it would have a better chance to attract more visitors than others.

Make sure your Website has these important elements:

* An attractive design to catch the eyes of the visitors, and make them review the information and details given on your Front Page and on other pages. Vivid photos will greatly help.

* Provides short but to the point information on the travel services you offer, the benefits, options, the experience level of the company and the qualifications of the staff.

* Gives information on destinations, environments, activities, accommodations, food, meals, dates, prices, discounts on prices, and fun. This information should be given in a way to excite and motivate the visitors to purchase your offers.

* Highlights the activities and the places to visit which travelers generally show great interest.

* Clearly states what’s different in these destinations that is unknown to most people, if applicable.

* Provides information on safety and security issues, procedures and precautions, how your company will protect the travelers’ safety, inoculations, first aid & medical emergency.

* Provides information on insurance and travel insurance companies.

These are the key elements your travel and tourism Website must have.

Then, you have to expose your offers listed at your Website to your potential customers, to multi-millions of them, and motivate them to visit your Website right away.

Your Website must also have the elements to attract the attention of the visitors to the content, and create a desire to review them.

Testimonials by your happy customers, may be with beautiful photos will keep the visitors longer at your Website and motivate them to read the information about the destinations and activities you offer in your tour programs.

Internet provides great opportunities for all businesses to promote their Websites on hundreds of thousands of high traffic sites, mostly for FREE or very cost effectively. This is extremely important for marketing your travel related business, too, most profitably.

The problem is, it takes a lot of time to search all over the Internet to find thousands of best sites to submit your URL.

Online travel and tourism directories and guides can help you save tremendous amount of time, since they provide lists of thousands of links to almost all sites, in almost all categories, you would need to visit.

There are also websites and marketing programs providing you with the lists of the most effective marketing sites, tips and tactics to reach millions of your potential customers and bring them to your Website;

Popular Modern Day Tourism Courses

Tourism remains one of the world’s biggest money spinners, and many people dream of having a career within it. This article looks at some of the options in terms of tourism courses – of which there are many.

Air crew tourism courses are very popular because the lifestyle is much vaunted. It offers people the chance to visit countries and cities that they may not have otherwise had the time or money to. It is one of the most sociable jobs in the tourism sector, as it deals with the public directly as well as providing the opportunity to meet lots of new people. There are a lot of tourism courses on this sector; many of which are run by the airlines themselves. Competition for these courses is fierce though as it is such a popular job choice.

Another popular job in the tourism sector is that of the rep. While this can be quite a high pressure role, it can also offer people the chance to meet a great deal of people as well as really push themselves in challenging directions. As it is such a vital part of the travel industry, there are a good deal of tourism courses available that attract a large number of people.

The job certainly requires a certain degree of self-confidence along with a high level of motivation in order that it is done well. Arguably, it is good to have these skills beforehand – and in particular it is good if a prospective rep has very well developed interpersonal communication skills. It should be noted that tourism course would aim to polish such skills as far as possible. It is also arguable that many people find the job quite challenging, so the turnover is fairly high – giving opportunities to those who feel they can handle it.

Another set of tourism courses focus on the sales aspect. While the internet has taken a great deal of business from traditional tourism sale points, it remains a popular way to purchase holidays and the skill of being able to sell them face to face is one that is still highly valued. Many older people do not like booking over the net, but prefer talking to a real person who can assure them that the holiday is booked, as well as all the accommodation, food and air travel that goes with it.

These are just three of the many popular tourism courses available – crucial for the industry to grow and for holidays to continue to be as enjoyable as possible.

Travel and Tourism Courses

The latest development in technology and the introduction of travel and tourism course in India has fulfilled the desire of billions of people to explore the world. This has resulted in a booming demand of tours and travel professionals in diverse service sectors. India itself is one of the favored destinations of many people for it having heritage of one of the oldest civilizations and for its aura and cultural diversity. The long-term career opportunities in the travel & tourism industry have always been strong whereas the short-term outlook is strong enough to ensure a secure career. A career in travel and tourism deserves to be opted for its diverse job profiles in various sectors including travel agencies, Airlines, and many other governmental organizations dealing with tourism.

The present advancement in universities and colleges has led to many courses in this field such as a Bachelors Degree course in Airlines, Tourism & Hospital Management, Bachelor of Tourism Administration, BTM (Hons), PGD in Tourism and Travel, and many other quality courses. Career aspirants who desire to pursue a career in Tourism can have the options from public as well as private sector. The public sector can offer you jobs at various levels in state tourism board or the central tourism department. There are few other courses as well that can enable you to earn a lucrative job in the tours and travel industry. These are listed below:

• Bachelor of Tourism Studies
• PG Diploma Course in Tourism Studies
• PG Program in Travel and Tourism
• M.A. in Tourism Management
• Master of Tourism Management

And the institutes offering these courses are as follows:

• Indian Institute of tourism and Travel Management
• Tezpur University, Assam
• Andhra University, Andhra
• Indira Gandhi National Open University, etc.

The eligibility criteria for taking admission in bachelors course is to clear your higher secondary education while PG course requires you to carry a graduation degree and a maximum age of not more than 28 years. The duration of the course depends on the level of course such as 6 months, I year and 3 years. Selection process passes through an entrance test held by the institute itself. In order to clear these entrance exams, the candidate is advised to brush-up his/her knowledge with reference to history, culture, geography, and places of tourist attraction in India. Some institutes also provide you the option of Distance Learning courses in Tourism and Travel management at degree levels, certificate level, PG Diploma level, and PG degree level, etc. These distance learning institutes may include Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Karnataka Open State University, Kota Open University, and many more.

Tourism Courses & Colleges in India

The Tourism courses and colleges in India have gained immense popularity because of the great passion of people to travel and explore. The tourism industry is a huge one, and quite diverse in operations. It includes the Government tourism departments, Immigration services, travel agencies and tour operators, airlines and railway reservations and services, etc.

A course in Travel and Tourism can be pursued at all levels of education, be it undergraduate programs, post graduation, diploma or certificate courses. The eligibility for graduate course is 12th pass. For post-graduate level, it is graduation in any field, and admission is usually on the basis of entrance exam, group discussion and interview. Most tourism institutes seek proficiency in one foreign language at least, in the applicants.

Himachal Pradesh University:

It offers a 2 year course at PG level – Master of Tourism Administration.

Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi:

Offers master’s program – MA in Tourism Management. The admission to this 2 year postgraduate course is on the bass of entrance test. Bachelor’s degree is essential for application.

Apeejay Institute of Management, Jalandhar:

Institute was established in 1997, is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Government of Punjab. It is affiliated to the Punjab Technical University in Jalandhar. It offers B. Sc. Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management, the eligibility criteria for it being a pass in class XII. It is a 3 year course and admission is made on entrance examination conducted by the Punjab Technical University.

Kuoni Academy of Travel:

The institute has branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. It works in close collaboration with the Tourism Industry. At UG level it offers 1 year course in Integrated Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management. At PG level, for graduates, it offers Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management.

Awadesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa:

Offers 2 years program in Master of Tourism Administration (MTA). Eligibility requirement is graduation or post graduation with minimum 50%.h 50% marks in aggregate. Admission is on the basis of written test.

HNB Garhwal University, Department of Tourism, Srinagar:

It offers – Master of Tourism Administration (MTA), 2 year course, requiring bachelor’s with at least 50%, admission on basis of written test. And Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management, a 1 year program, graduates only can apply, admission based on entrance test.

Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM), Gwalior:

It offers 7 travel and tourism related courses at PG level. The eligibility criteria is graduate in any discipline. The programs are –
– Basic Course in Air and Sea Cargo Service Management
– Basic Course in Airline Travel, Fares and Ticketing Management
– Basic Course in Computerized Reservation System
– Basic Course on Airlines Travel Agency and Tour Operation Management
– Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM) – entrance test is also conducted for admission
– Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
– Language Training Course

University of Delhi, Delhi:

College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi, offers 3 year Graduate Integrated Course in Tourism.

Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Delhi:

It offers 5 courses, eligibility criteria for the courses being graduation degree, namely –
– Basic Course in Airline Travel, Fares and Ticketing Management
– Basic Course in Computer Application and Software Studies
– Basic Course in Computerized Reservation System
– Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
-Language Training Course

The IATA/UFTAA and LATA/FIATA Authorized Training Centers in India:

Chavara School of Tourism Studies, Kochi; Globe College of Travel and Tourism, Mangalore; Hindustan Marine Electronics Institute, Ludhiana; IATA India, Mumbai; IHCTM, Mumbai; Institute of Air Travel Studies, Adoor; Institute of Airlines and Travel Agencies, Chennai; School of Airline & Travel Management, Kochi; SITA Academy, New Delhi; Skyline Education Institute, New Delhi; Swastik School of Travel and Tourism Studies, Thiruvananthapuram; Vista Cocord School of Airlines & Travel Studies, Kolkata.

Tourism courses and colleges offered in India concentrate on not only tourism services but also hospitality and other related programs. It is an upcoming career choice with growing scope.

Travel Tourism Course – 5 Features to Look For

Looking to get into the travel and tourism industry? Taking a course is a great way to get educated about this exciting field while learning how to find incredible travel deals for your own benefit. The course you select should have all of the following 5 features:

Feature #1: Certified by major institutions, nationally accredited:
Any program you consider will likely be run in accordance with sponsoring or partnering universities. Make sure that the partnering university through which you take the course is a credible one with a strong reputation in the region. In addition, ascertain that the diploma which you will be awarded upon completion of the course is a nationally-recognized one.

Feature #2: Trains you to use computerized reservations systems:
Make sure that the program you choose will train you not only on the ins and outs of the industry itself, but also on how to use the computerized reservation systems available to travel agents today.

Feature #3: Teaches agency management techniques:
As a travel agent, you will be required not only to be an expert in getting your clients the best travel deals, but also to be able to manage your business. Confirm that the course or program you are considering gives you the management tools to success in the business of being a travel agent.

Feature #4: Offers an online-only option:
The advent of online education affords students of today opportunities for effective distance learning not available even 10 years ago. Make sure that your travel course has caught up with the times and orders an online-only component. This means that you should have the option to take the course without having to travel to a physical classroom.

Feature #5: Gives you insights into how to find the best deals:
Needless to say, the program should also benefit you both as a travel agent and as an individual looking for the best travel deals available.

Verify that any travel tourism course you select offers the above-mentioned 5 components. Finally, be sure to speak with at least one or two current students of the program to find out firsthand what they think about it.